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Published April 2, 2020

Performa is Offering a Non-Credit Online Course About Blended Learning in College Education for Free

Catherine Rhéaume Editor, Profweb

Are you interested in blended learning? Do you already give blended learning courses and want to hone your skills or, on the contrary, do you not know anything about blended learning and are just curious? Performa has created a SPOC (Small Online Private Course) for you! This non-credit online course is available for free for all college teaching staff.



Vignette pour infographie

Published March 28, 2020

Fast-Track Transition to Distance Learning

Catherine Rhéaume Editor, Profweb

The following infographic synthesizes some essential elements to take into account when you urgently need to adopt online education.



Online teaching.002

Published March 27, 2020

Big Ideas Facilitating a Shift Toward Distance Learning

John Spencer Teacher, George Fox University

As an education professor, I’ve had the opportunity to help teachers develop online and hybrid courses. One of the most common questions people asked me was, “How do I convert my face-to-face course into an online course?” The truth is, you cannot convert it. Learning isn’t like a file that converts between a .doc and a PDF and a Google Doc. We can’t simply substitute new tools and do the same exact activity. But what if we chose a different approach? What if we asked, “How do I transform my course?” rather than “How do I convert it?” The following are a few ideas to consider as you shift toward online / distance learning.



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  • 7Apr2020

    linkr Webinar | Keeping your class connected in the age of social distancing


    You are invited to join a 30 minute webinar with other educators preparing to use linkr to support teaching and learning during the current age of social distancing. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, April 7 at 1 p.m. EST. 

  • 15Apr2020

    Overview of CCDMD resources in English, including Cantare and Eco2

    CCDMD | Event

    2 pm to 3 pm

    We will make a brief presentation on the CCDMD’s mandate, talk about the Call for Projects, and give an overview of some specific tools and resources. Particularly, we will provide a more detailed description of Cantare (Learning languages through listening and pronunciation) and Eco2 (Learning languages using audio files and captions).

  • 17Apr2020

    CAID | A New Approach to Course Design Using OER Content Strategy Cards


    On Friday, April 17 from noon to 1:30 p.m., the Canadian Association of Instructional Designers will be holding an on-line webinar as part of their series on Tools, Tool Development and Instructional Design. This session will introduce participants to a set of content strategy cards to assist in online course design and delivery. These cards were created to help higher education instructors branch away from fill-in-the-blank templates for course planning, to emphasize Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles in content creation, and to encourage educators to embrace a student-centered vision for course design. The webinar is offered free of charge, but you must register by completing a form by April 10 to attend.

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