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Published March 22, 2020

Pedagogical ICT resources to facilitate the transition from a classroom-based course to a distance learning course

Camille Arpin Editor, Profweb

Planning a distance learning course takes time and a lot of preparation, but sometimes the context in which we teach forces us to make these changes in a very short period of time. Here is an overview of educational resources from Profweb and the college network that will help you make this transition.


Real Life Stories


Published March 18, 2020

Turning Novels Into Engaging Multisensory Experiences

Rebecca Peters Teacher, Cégep Édouard-Montpetit

In the fall 2019 semester, my students in the course Langue anglaise et culture (English 102) read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, which details the author’s growing up in his native South Africa during the Apartheid era. To help students connect with the book’s subject matter and social context in a more concrete and meaningful manner, I turned the reading experience into a multisensory experience by designing learning activities that involved virtual reality (VR) and audio content.

English (Second Language)


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Published March 17, 2020

Teaching Students to Manage Projects with ProjectLibre

Ryan W. Moon Editor, Profweb

ProjectLibre is an open source software that is useful for creating project schedules. Michel Bélanger, a teacher at the Collège Montmorency, and many of his colleagues use ProjectLibre for several of their courses in the Civil Engineering Technology program. He uses the software to show students how to create a project schedule by sequencing and ordering tasks with the objective of evaluating the time and cost to run the project. I had the opportunity to discuss this approach with Michel at the beginning of the Winter 2020 semester.

Physical Sciences and Technologies


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  • 1Apr2020

    Webinar | How AI Can Help ESL Students Improve their Speaking and Writing Proficiency

    VTÉ | Event

    On Wednesday, April 1, the VTE will be hosting a laboratory from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. This virtual living lab will provide the opportunity to become familiar with the use of AI in second language teaching. Souheila Moussalli and Nicholas Walker will explore listening and speaking practice with a vocal assistant (Alexa, Siri, Echo, etc.) and writing tasks using a platform called “Virtual WritingTutor”.

  • 17Apr2020

    CAID | A New Approach to Course Design Using OER Content Strategy Cards


    On Friday, April 17 from noon to 1:30 p.m., the Canadian Association of Instructional Designers will be holding an on-line webinar as part of their series on Tools, Tool Development and Instructional Design. This session will introduce participants to a set of content strategy cards to assist in online course design and delivery. These cards were created to help higher education instructors branch away from fill-in-the-blank templates for course planning, to emphasize Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles in content creation, and to encourage educators to embrace a student-centered vision for course design. The webinar is offered free of charge, but you must register by completing a form by April 10 to attend.

  • 24Apr2020

    LEARN Quebec — Open Creative Space Event


    LEARN Quebec will be opening its creative space to all educators to experience “making” first hand. This is an all-day hands-on experience. Registration is free of charge for all educators. The registration page is now available. For more information, contact Chris Colley at LEARN.

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