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Published June 13, 2017

Mathematics and Programming in the Cloud with CoCalc

Gabriel Indurskis Teacher, Champlain College - Campus Saint-Lambert

Cloud computing is an increasingly important part of the college experience in Quebec. With more and more educational establishments using Google Tools, Office 365 and Moodle, there is less and less of an emphasis on having computers with a laundry list of applications installed. When you can fire up a web browser and have access to a wide range of tools, it is a game-changer. The field of mathematics is also well-entrenched within this computing trend, with the appearance of cloud-based innovations in the past couple of years, not the least of which is a powerful platform for cloud computing known as SageMathCloud, which has recently been rebranded as CoCalc. Since this name change is very recent, most of the information and tutorials on the internet still make reference to the old name, and this article will use both names interchangeably.



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Published June 9, 2017

Our 10 Most Consulted Publications of the Year

Andréanne Turgeon Editor, Profweb
Angie Stevens Editor, Profweb

The statistics of the Profweb website have spoken: here are the top 10 most consulted publications of the academic year 2016-2017 in both the English and French editions of Profweb.



Espace web en vignette

Published June 8, 2017

A Complete Toolbox for Creating Your Own Web Space this Summer

Andréanne Turgeon Editor, Profweb
Alexandre Dal-Pan Editor, Profweb

Summer is just around the corner and it is an ideal time to focus on projects you might have postponed during the school year due to a lack of time. You probably know teachers who host course material on a website or use a blog to follow-up on internship students.



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