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Université Laval | Leading the Future of Higher Ed — Planning for Sustainability On-line Symposium


October 2, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Following the publication of the white paper: Disruption in and by Centres of Teaching and Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic — Leading the Future of Higher Education, the Université Laval is organizing a free on-line symposium in collaboration with Concordia Research Chair in Maker Culture , and moderated by Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson, Concordia University. The objective of the symposium is to discuss concrete present and future steps given the uncertainty imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

UNESCO's Mobile Learning Week 2020


The online edition of Mobile Learning Week 2020 will be held from 12 to 15 October 2020. In this opportunity, the MLW is devoted to the theme of Beyond Disruption: Technology Enabled Learning Futures. MLW 2020 is set against the backdrop of COVID-19 education disruption and response, and will shine a light on prospects for technology-enabled futures of learning.

Event registration and a call for workshop, symposium and innovations presentations are open!

SALTISE and DALC — Creating Your Dream Assessment


October 15, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 

Effective assessments can help students learn, give teachers an idea of what needs to be done next, assess the mastery of content and the attainment of competencies, develop metacognitive and regulatory skills, engage students more deeply, and much more. Skateholders from the college network are invited to attend this workshop which is being organized by the Dawson Active Learning Community (DALC) and SALTISE as part of Dawson's Fall 2020 Ped Day programme. The workshop will feature a demo of the CourseFlow web application. Please note that spaces are limited and that you must be logged in to a registered Zoom account to attend this event. For more information, please contact Selma Hamdani from DALC. 

ePIC2020— Open Badges: The Missing Link? An On-line Symposium

Symposia and Congresses

From October 26 to 28

The 18th International Conference on Open Education and Open Recognition technologies and practices. This year's edition will be broadcast 100% online. Topics will include open Learning, open Badges and open Recognition. 

Activity types

For teachers who are interested in educational technology integration, Profweb presents a selection of events in the following categories:

  • Continuing Education Credit Courses and Programs
  • Continuing Education professional development
  • Events, Congresses or Symposia that revolve around the professional development of teachers

Credit Courses and Programs

Credit courses or programs are university accredited.


PERFORMA offers university-level accredited activities for the professional development of college teachers, in both French and English.

Since 1973, PERFORMA pedagogical model advocates the development of customized training activities in response to needs expressed by teachers and academic counsellors. Activities are offered to staff at all member colleges. For more information or to learn about local schedules, contact the local representative of your college.

Professional development

These activities are non-credit training are not recognized by a university.

APOP (Association pour les applications pédagogiques de l'ordinateur au post-secondaire)

L'APOP assists members of the college network in developing their educational technology skills by offering professional development activities. These activities are delivered remotely using video conferencing tools.

Animation à la Cantine (in French): Exchanges among academics discussing various issues related to current technopedagogical practices. Interactive seminars, structured presentations, live interviews with experts in the field, all with no pre-registration required... Exciting encounters that enhance active participation and co-construction of knowledge!

APOP_mobile (in French): IT skills development workshops tailored to the needs of educators and academics from all sources.

APOP_taxi (in French): Activities offered to a specific group of academics within a discipline, department or program.

VTÉ (Vitrine technologie-éducation)

The VTÉ organizes bimonthly research laboratories, focusing on compliance and the implementation of concrete projects. The VTE laboratories are places of exchange and experimentation. These four to six week projects moderated by VTE are lively encounters with experts and practitioners, for the beginning teacher to the most experienced and for students as well.

The DECclic Corporation Collegiate Platform

DECclic hosts the Moodle environment and provides online instruction for the college community using a digital learning environment including online resources, forums and tips. For more information, contact the DECclic team.

Events, Congresses or Symposia

An event is an activity organized in order to attract a wide audience. These are often conferences.

A congress is a meeting involving a large number of people gathered to deliberate on one or more subjects.

A symposium is a meeting of experts invited to present and discuss their ideas about a given topic.