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Step 1 - Account creation

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Use of your Personal Information

Personal information that we gather is used to verify that you belong to a college-level teaching establishment as stipulated in the Conditions of Use of My Web Space.

This personal information is also useful in communicating with you in case of computer maintenance work on the Web space or in regard to your personal account on My Web Space.

Step 2 - Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Web Space Use

Profweb’s Web space provides the teaching personnel of the Quebec college network with free, simple, reliable, and secure access to pedagogical Web site hosting.

To take advantage of these services, users must agree to comply with the following terms and conditions of use.

Definition of certain terms used

Web space
A user’s hosting space on the Profweb server. Management of the settings of this space requires a username and password specific to the user.
Web Site
Once the Web space is created, it is possible to install one or more Web sites: blogs, wikis, HTML sites, etc.
Action of making a site available on the Profweb Web site list.
  • Public access: Unrestricted access to the Web site.
  • Private access: Allows access to a Web site using a username and password.

1. Acceptance of terms and conditions of use

The creation of a Web space implies a commitment by the user to comply with the present terms and conditions of use.

The terms and conditions of use apply to all Web space holders including former Web space holders prior to the redesign of the Web space and the Web site (redesigned June 2014).

2. Description of service

Profweb’s Web space offers teachers in the Quebec college network a hosting space with a maximum capacity of 1 GB for publishing one or more Web sites. The content hosted and distributed in this space is reserved exclusively for pedagogical use in college teaching.

Web space offers its users the automatic installation of certain applications.

Users can decide on the mode of access to their Web space, either public and open to all or private with restricted access.

Profweb has implemented a system that makes backup copies of the contents of the Web space server.

3. Registration

To use Profweb’s Web space, you must create an account and make a request to create a Web space where you can subsequently install one or more Web sites. You agree to provide accurate information and to keep it up to date. The email address of your educational institution must be used when you register.

The creation of only one space is permitted per person. In your space, you can install a number of different sites while remaining within the 1 GB limit.

4. Personal information

The personal information we collect when creating your Web space is processed in compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal information. The information collected is used to provide you with service and support related to the use of Web space and is stored on Profweb servers.

5. Access security

To access your Web space, to create new sites, or to manage existing sites, use the username you were assigned and the password you have chosen. This password is not known to the administrator. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password and actions carried out with your username.

6. Responsibility for content submitted or published

You are responsible for all content that you upload, and that you make available to third parties.

You warrant to Profweb that you hold the copyright for content published in your Web space.

You are also responsible for the content that you store in your space and that you upload or transmit in any other way from your Web space hosted on Profweb servers.

The content of your Web space must comply with Profweb editorial policy, especially in regard to the nature of content published. The Profweb editorial policy mentions that is considered to be noncompliant with the terms and conditions of use to post any information detrimental to human rights, especially any information that is (excerpt from the Editorial Policy):

  • racist, discriminatory, violent, or inciting ethnic division
  • hateful, offensive, or defamatory
  • gender-biased

Using your Web space on Profweb excludes all activities or operations for commercial use.

The installation of an application that is not offered by Profweb is possible, but it must be done within the physical space (1 GB maximum) allotted to you. In addition, installing any such software is the full responsibility of the user.

Furthermore, users must under no circumstances:

  • voluntarily download or make available any content constituting or containing computer viruses, codes, or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, divert, or limit the functionality or performance of any computer software, computer, or other computer system
  • disrupt the flow of data exchanged on Profweb in a way that affects its operation, or take any other action that may alter functionalities
  • gain unauthorized access to Profweb computer systems or disrupt Profweb computer systems including servers and connected networks

Should Profweb find any noncompliant use of your space, you will receive notification to resolve the situation. Should Profweb find any use of your space that adversely affects the integrity of the servers, your Web space may be deleted without prior notice.

7. Site inactivity

In order to maximize the use of Web Space, any space left unused for 1 year may be deactivated by Profweb. This inactivity manifests itself by one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Absence or very low use of the Web space or its sites (Website visitor statistics are available under Settings in your space)
  • No changes to the files stored (including databases) whether by FTP or any other data transfer method
  • No (public or private) published content other than the descriptive page created automatically for a site

Within 10 working days after a warning message, you must confirm your intentions to Profweb’s technical support coordinator. In the absence of a response from you, your space may be deactivated and its contents (if any) placed on a storage medium.

If you leave the college teaching network (due to retirement or for some other reason), you have 6 months from the date of your departure to obtain authorization from Profweb to maintain your hosting right. At the end of this time, your space may be deactivated. It is also possible to transfer your space to another teacher who wants to use it. The teacher must agree to comply with the terms and conditions of use.

8. Termination of service

Users can request deletion of their space by contacting the Profweb technical support coordinator at ( Deleting a Web space is permanent and cannot be revoked.

Any user who has terminated service may make a new application for Web space from Profweb so as to have a new space.

9. Limitation of liability of Profweb

Profweb cannot be held liable for loss of data or information stored in its space nor for any indirect damages in connection with the use thereof. Users are advised to keep a backup copy of all data and content stored in their Profweb space.

Étape 3 - Confirmation

Your Web Space address will be :

Your Web Space address is generated by using your name but can vary depending on availability of domain names in Profweb. If for some reason you wish to obtain an address that is different from that of your webspace, please contact technical support.

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