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Hard Truths – Sonic and Otherwise

Published March 28, 2010  |  Humanities

Roger Haughey Teacher, Cégep John Abbott College

People play and listen to music without really knowing what and how they are learning. In the second year of CCDMD's English-Language Materials Development Assistance Program Call for Submissions, I applied for a grant to turn the multimedia material in the course Sonic Truths: Popular Music and Knowledge into a course pack. The idea of the project was to give teachers and students the tools to move beyond the charms of music and submit it, and our relationship with it, to analysis with the help of Information Technology.

Real Life Stories

Team Teaching in the Virtual World

Published September 10, 2007  |  Humanities

Norm Spatz Editor (retired), Profweb

Norm Spatz has assembled a tour of a unique team-teaching experiment that has already produced innovative and enriching results. Since September 2006, Vanier College and the Cégep de Sept-Îles have been involved in an initiative to enhance the learning experience of students from both cegeps by giving them a chance to meet in the virtual world.

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Mind the Gap

Published May 20, 2012  |  Humanities

Eileen Kerwin Jones Teacher, Cégep John Abbott College

Active learning online in this Humanities course using blended learning requires a level of autonomy and commitment on the part of students, as well as a willingness to work collaboratively. There is little chance to simply receive information passively in class!

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Published February 22, 2009  |  Humanities

Gabriel Flacks Teacher, Champlain College - Campus Saint-Lambert

NewsActivist is the embodiment of a Humanities teacher Gabriel Flacks' desire to help students understand their personal goals for social activism.

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Real Life Stories

Published May 24, 2017

A New Spin on Oral Presentations with Tablets and YouTube

Heidi Quinsey Teacher, Champlain College - Campus Saint-Lambert

I believe that it is important for students to have the ability to express themselves. Working on oral presentations plays a crucial role in helping them to develop this ability. I became disenchanted over time with the traditional ‘one shot, make-it-or-break-it’ way of managing individual presentations for my classes. More recently, I have enlisted the use of tablets and YouTube in my Humanities: Knowledge course as means of capturing my students’ oral presentations and offering them a way to improve their ability to prepare these presentations.


Real Life Stories

Published February 16, 2014

Using Portal to Explore Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Johnathan Mina Teacher, Collège LaSalle

For the last three years, one of the main tools that Jonathan Mina has used in his Humanities course is a video game called Portal. Although some would call this risky, the results are there: student motivation and academic achievement are inching noticeably upwards in his courses.



Published November 30, 2018

An Introduction to Virtual Team Teaching with Sharon Coyle

Simon Côté-Massicotte Editor, Profweb

Virtual team teaching, or VTT, consists of having students from different colleges, often in different regions, collaborate on assignments or projects in a synchronous manner using online communication tools, in class. Invaluable in courses where the student is invited to learn about other cultures and languages, VTT has the potential to enhance almost any course.


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