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Published January 19, 2009

Teaching with the Web 2.0

In this new podcast produced for Profweb, we discuss the pedagogical implications of new Web 2.0 tools, techniques and approaches that are emerging on the internet.

It’s one thing to have all these 'cool' new technologies like blogs and wikis; but what is their real value to teachers and students? Can they really enhance the learning experience?

Peter Rawsthorne, a Canadian Ed Tech specialist who lives on Bowen Island (BC), has some answers for us. As he writes on his web page, Peter has a true interest in “developing rich learning environments that embrace current and emerging learning technologies and theories”.

I called Peter in Vancouver using Skype (no long distance fees), recorded the call with CallGraph (free software), and edited the interview with Audacity 1.3.6 (free as well).

To view Peter’s Web 2.0 presentation discussed in the podcast, click here, then listen to the podcast. This is an abridged version; to listen to the full version, go to La Vitrine’s website.

Several Questions For Discussion Raised in This Podcast

  • How does Web 2.0 relate and enhance teaching and learning?
  • What does social learning mean in this new Web 2.0 environment?
  • How does collaboration in the classroom happen differently now that there is Web 2.0?
  • How do the roots of social constructivism intertwine with the protocols emerging through the use of Web 2.0?

We always appreciate your comments! Please use the form below to contribute your views in the collaborative spirit of Web 2.0. Cheers!

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