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Published April 27, 2009

Summer is Coming On-line!

Before making your well-deserved vacation plans, take a few minutes to catch up with all the news at CCDMD. You'll have one or two fewer preoccupations weighing down your luggage with your upcoming school year planning one step closer to done. Here's a quick overview of our recent releases from CCDMD's ongoing production in both English and French that are worth a closer look!

NetSondage 2 with an English Interface!

CCDMD's bilingual services enrich resources as those developed in one language become available in the other. This May, NetSondage 2, CCDMD's online survey software will be available in English. Readers on this side of the linguistic divide, however, may have already been using NetSondage 2's French interface to make surveys with content in any language.

NetSondage Software

Chronos II for  Fall 2009!

Another arrival in Fall 2009 that English users will appreciate is Chronos II. Used to show interrelationships between historical events, the software is a socially constructive resource for many social science disciplines. The software can be downloaded free from the CCDMD website along with a database of recent events from 1880 to the present.

Chronos Software

Childhood Development Videos

Childhood development comes alive with a series of video vignettes that illustrate the many stages in a child's development on the site Le développement de l'enfant. These short video clips are easy to use with a data projector and are a great resource to illustrate the subject. Although available only in French, the images are frequently effective beyond linguistic concerns. New material is being added before summer.

Videos from the site Le développement de l'enfant

Dynamic Duo: OTSEW & CEPO

There has been no moss growing at CCDMD's resources for English language development. OTSEW, our Online Tutoring System for Essay Writing, developed in partnership with Dawson College's Academic Skills Centre, has added new material. Our recently launched site CEPO, College English Prep Online, developed with Vanier College also presents great material for use in and outside of class.

OSTEW introduction page

Shakespeare and Company

Two more recent CCDMD releases are ...and One Classical: A Multimedia Companionto help prepare for auditions of plays by the Bard as well as a new textbook and companion DVD for Vox Method: Training the Voice.

CCDMD is also actively developing the much awaited adaptive and online version of the placement test for students of English as a Second Language, the TCALS.

Great Lectures

For those who can navigate in French, there is a marvelous collection of lectures that have been recorded for general educational use with the name Les conférences numériques. Politicians, lawyers, nutritionists and chemists all take the stage to share their knowledge. These lectures have a wealth of information to bring into your classroom.

Diseases of the Trees of Quebec

In French, for biologists and ecologists and even for the general public, the magnificent Internet site Maladies des arbres du Québec [Diseases of the Trees of Quebecwill enable you to easily identify the numerous and complex illnesses that affect the trees of our province. Although for the moment the information is only available in French, its relevance to the local environment is particularly useful.

Simulation of an Electoral Campaign

Another French resource is the simulation software Campagne électorale which was recently updated and will be of great interest to those in social sciences, particularly aspiring politicians who will be able to simulate electoral regulations as well as how to win or lose at elections.

So, there you have a sampler of the fruits of our labours which we hope will contribute to the success of your students. Drop by our site and take a look at all that we have to offer. Your visit may become the best remembered souvenir of your entire summer vacation!

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