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Published December 15, 2014 | Multidisciplinary

Profweb Readers Choose Inspiring Publications

As the semester draws to a close and vacation approaches, we asked our readers to communicate their choices for the most inspiring stories appearing in Profweb during this autumn. Here are some responses:

  • Julie Anne Roy
    Coordinator for Pedagogical Support
    Collège LaSalle, Montreal

    “For me, the digital tool Liki Lab was the most inspiring. I see a lot of potential for integrating e-business into education. Thanks to the article, I was able to invite the company to make a presentation to more than sixty teachers in management, fashion marketing and fashion design next February. Thanks for this great find!”

  • Avery Rueb
    Vanier College teacher and co-founder of Affordance Studio, Montreal

    “I really liked the article by Chantale Giguère about the OQLF test. I was inspired that a teacher could put together a class that was directed at taking and passing a government language test. I am really excited about the possibilities of online learning, and this class is another step in the direction of making school not only more effective, but also more accessible. Bravo Laurent and Chantale!”

  • Nancy Lorraine Leblond
    Pedagogical Counsellor
    Service de la gestion et du développement des programmes d’études
    Cégep Limoilou, Quebec City

    “Personally, Martin Parrot’s article titled L’impératif pédagogique et les nouvelles technologies was particularly interesting because it dealt with the ambiguity sometimes experienced by teachers and students in respect to the use of new technologies in pedagogical strategies or in learning activities from a pedagogical viewpoint. The article illustrates the importance of media literacy and the pertinence of thoughtful IT integration. Finally the text fostered consideration of the relevance of solid IT integration within discipline-specific courses as well as within general education.”

  • Catherine Rhéaume
    Teacher at Cégep Limoilou
    Catherine has been an editor at Profweb, Quebec City

    “This autumn, I have been on maternity leave, but that hasn’t diminished my enthusiasm over the arrival of Profweb’s newsletters. I have visited the site often, and my interest remains undiminished. My favourite this semester was the real-life story La classe inversée au menu dans un cours de techniques de diététique. We often discuss the flipped classroom these days, but the way in which Mélanie Jacqmain updated this concept in her class, hand-in-hand with the support she gave her school, is truly remarkable.”

About the Author

Andréanne Turgeon She has been working as an Editor for Profweb since 2014. She holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in History and has worked on the design and supervision of a distance education course within this domain. Her work as an editor and participation in different college network events allows her to continuously update and enrich her technopedagogical knowledge. She enjoys lending her writing talents to teachers to help them share their innovative practices. She is particularly interested in pedagogical approaches and resources that support student success and inclusiveness.

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