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Published November 24, 2008

Toward Learning That Lasts

Benoit Bolduc AQPC Symposia Coordinator, AQPC

The 2008 AQPC Symposium has a theme examining deep learning in our students. It has a role to play in this process.


Published December 1, 2008

Toward a Future Filled with Promise

Véronica Gill Communication Advisor, CCDMD
Réjean Jobin Coordonnateur du développement des ressources, CCDMD

Since 2005, CCDMD's English language publications team has been working enthusiastically to create resources for the anglophone network and to enable the translations of several products, from English or from French, depending on which service originally developed them.  


Published May 24, 2010

Towards a DECclic III à la Moodle!

François Lizotte Coordinator, Plateforme collégiale DECclic

In order to expand the community of practice that has developed in recent years, the corporation has decided to turn to Moodle, a free digital learning environment which already benefits from a large community of development. DECclic will continue its mission to offer its members a common tool, hosted and maintained on central servers, and all the user training and support that have been its strength for over ten years.



Published September 16, 2012

Towards the development of a Science program at Cégep@distance

Philippe Flamand Project Manager, Cégep à distance
Alexis Crête-Lafrenière Educational Advisor, Cégep à distance et Collège de Rosemont

For the development of its new Science program, Cégep@distance is inviting professors from the CEGEP network to share their vision of how to teach science. The teaching and learning resources developed through this consultation process will ultimately be available to professors in the network.




Published February 13, 2017

Transition to Electronic Marking with iAnnotate

Angie Stevens Editor, Profweb

Are you feeling ready to make the move to correcting assignments electronically? Are you overwhelmed by the number of tools that exist? This article will explain one teacher’s experience with an application she has been using for several years. Anna Dera, a Biology Teacher at CEGEP Champlain St. Lawrence wanted a tool that made the transition to marking electronically simple; something that allowed her to continue writing notes, “by hand”. She began marking electronically on a laptop with a touch screen and a special stylus pen. Soon after, she started using an iPad, and in her search for an application that would allow her to continue this new electronic marking technique, she discovered iAnnotate, which has remained her marking tool of choice for over 6 years.



Published April 12, 2010

Trends at APOP for 2009-2010


As another academic session comes to a close, APOP is embracing the current period of end-of-the-year projections with a detailed analysis of its future directions and activities.

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