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Published November 16, 2009

Knowledge and Experience - A Winning Combination!

Benoit Bolduc AQPC Symposia Coordinator, AQPC

The 30th AQPC Symposium will take place in Sherbrooke for 2009 from June 2-4 with the theme Knowledge and Experience - A Winning Combination. The AQPC chose this title to underline one of the major qualities of college education, the synergy between knowledge and experience. The call for papers will appear shortly on the AQPC website in English as well as French.


Published January 11, 2010

Educating Generation C!

Profweb Editorial team, Profweb

The Profweb team has been looking at stories in our pages in the light of Generation C's Triple C of competencies: Creation, Collaboration and Communication! We were pretty certain that teachers who were looking to make their classrooms more interactive would rapidly get on the Triple C bandwagon. Excerpts from several of our stories illustrate where the three Cs have made the leap from theory to practice.


Published March 1, 2010

The College Network and the Transmission of Knowledge, from the Dissemination of Discoveries to the Transfer of Innovations

Christian Barrette Project Manager, ARC
Lynn Lapostolle Director General, ARC

At the 78th Acfas Convention, ARC will hold a colloquium about The College Network and the Transmission of Knowledge, from the Dissemination of Discoveries to the Transfer of Innovations. Forty years after the founding of the cégeps, how are research results being used in college teaching?


Published April 6, 2010

Technology and Teachers

Denis Thibault Editor, Profweb

After several years filled with memories, meetings and discoveries, there comes a time to look back and take stock of how the original goals of a project such as Profweb have been met. These moments are times of joy realizing that notwithstanding all the difficulties, a great wealth of experience and information has emerged.


Published May 24, 2010

Towards a DECclic III à la Moodle!

François Lizotte Coordinator, Plateforme collégiale DECclic

In order to expand the community of practice that has developed in recent years, the corporation has decided to turn to Moodle, a free digital learning environment which already benefits from a large community of development. DECclic will continue its mission to offer its members a common tool, hosted and maintained on central servers, and all the user training and support that have been its strength for over ten years.



Published October 12, 2010

Submitting a Grant Application under PAREA

Lynn Lapostolle Director General, ARC

In this article, Lynn Lapostole of ARC, the research specialist of the IT Partners, explains that grants are available for research in the Quebec College Network. There will be an English information session online held on October 26 to explain more about how to go about submitting a project for PAREA, the program that funds many of these projects. Lynn also includes some extremely interesting accounts of projects currently underway.


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