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Published November 29, 2009

The Canada-Quebec Entente (2009-2013) – Phase 2 and Growing…..

Bruno Geslain College Sector Coordinator, Entente Canada-Québec
Louise Paul College Sector Coordinator, Entente Canada-Québec

Many minority language education and second-language instruction activities are made possible through funding by the Canada-Quebec Entente (CQE). Find out about the many surprising and innovative ways that this funding has enriched the Quebec college network and how you can apply for funding for projects of your own!


Published February 1, 2010

The APOP English Community’s Upcoming Events!

Marielle Beauchemin Project Manager - English Language Services, APOP

The newly formed APOP Anglophone Steering Committee, and its new project manager Marielle Beauchemin, have been busy discussing and scheduling events for Winter 2010. There is an exciting lineup of both local and international contributors.


Published October 4, 2010

Active Learning in CEGEP Classrooms

James Sparks IT Representative, Champlain College - Campus Saint-Lambert

Explore active learning as an educational strategy. The very name, active learning, implies a student-centered approach, which is part of the pedagogical shift most Educational Advisors are trying to encourage in their colleges.



Published May 30, 2011

Summer School - Mastering Teaching Over the Summer Holidays

Susan Ajersch Educational Advisor, PERFORMA, Université de Sherbrooke

The Master Teacher Program (MTP) has transitioned to a blended learning format. Within this new format, MTP participants are offered face-to-face courses with other teachers but are also offered synchronous hours of online and computer-supported interactive activities. This summer PERFORMA is offering four courses in the program to facilitate participants' advancement during this less stressful period.


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