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Published September 4, 2007

CCDMD Unveils a Dynamic New Site Filled with Academic Innovaton!

Lucie Lafond Administration Officer, CCDMD

Maybe, you don't already know about the CCDMD (Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique). With its new website in place, this Profweb partner is poised to continue its tradition as the publishing powerhouse for the Quebec collegial network.



Published August 27, 2007

Profweb Casts Off for Another Year!

Profweb Editorial team, Profweb

The Animaweb Team is back! Our 2007-2008 season is ready to go. Please join us for another exciting year of IT news, articles and events.



Published May 28, 2007

GIS in the Classroom, at the IT Fair and Beyond

Normand Bourgeois Project Manager, Champlain College - Saint Lawrence

The work of one teacher illustrates how the use of IT can make classes come alive with information from diverse sources that were inaccessible before the advent of on-line communication.



Published May 22, 2007

IT flourishes in Western Quebec at Gatineau's Heritage College

Lee Ann Johnston, Heritage College

Proudly Québecois and situated just outside of Ottawa, Heritage College's lively IT activities link it to Quebec's College Network and to the world beyond. IT Representative Lee Anne Johnston fills us in on the rich IT menu happening in this corner of Western Quebec.

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