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Published August 25, 2008 | Multidisciplinary

‘One World One Dream’

As the 2008 Beijing Olympics come to a close, let's pass the flame to a worthy cause, the promotion of Information Technology in college education! This June ended with high hopes; now, let's make them a reality!

A Place to Exchange Views about Innovative Teaching Methods

Have you ever asked yourself how technology could improve the teaching of a skill or how teachers in other disciplines are using IT?

The columns, stories and reports in Profweb's pages are a great way to keep up with the changing reality of IT in college education.

Unfortunately, many innovative teaching practices remain unknown when a simple e-mail could make them come alive in our pages. Sharing your own discoveries is a great way to help others polish their academic IT skills.

The columns, stories and reports in Profweb's pages are a great way to keep up with the changing reality of IT in college education.

A Place to Promote Products and Services

It's important to know what's available before beginning IT integration. Our team of partners is at the ready to make your project a success! They work with us, writing columns, news items, event and resource listings and professional development information to keep you informed about their latest offerings. Further information about their products or help with your specific needs is as close as your keyboard. They're eager to serve you!

A Place for Teachers to Work Together

Did you know that since January 2008 Profweb's Personal Space has been available for teachers to create a collaborative work space for academic purposes? Be it a blog, a forum, a wiki or a simple list serve, installation is automatic. If you would like to find out more, our techie Jonathan-Marc Lapointe is your guide. This autumn new ground will be broken using these resources. Watch for a story about this new method of communication!

A Place to Make Suggestions about IT

Since its beginning, Profweb has been a regular at pedagogical days and symposia, presenting Profweb in harmony with the theme of the event. This has been been no mean feat for members of the Animaweb team! Preparing for these presentations has allowed us to discover and then discuss the wealth of information that is available in our pages.

To not let the flame go out, we will be asking IT Representatives around the province to bring themes or challenging aspects of IT to Profweb's attention. As information comes to light, we will be sharing it with you, our readers. Making our Reader Response Feature a source of inspiration for your classes is our Olympic challenge!

A Place to Comment

We couldn't end without a request to let us know your views about Profweb's columns, stories and reports. What questions come to mind as you read our texts? Do you have a specific IT theme or a query about IT as it relates to a specific program or discipline, that you would like to see discussed in our pages? Our Reader Response Feature is at the ready to receive your request.

Don't let the end of summer signal the end of your summer's explorations! Make your IT dreams a reality by sharing them with Profweb. Our Reader Response Feature awaits. The famous Profweb mug may be just one of your rewards for translating desire into action!

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