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Published November 16, 2014 | Multidisciplinary

DawsonITE November 17, 2014

Dawson.IT.E. (Dawson IT in Education) is a weekly newsletter compiled by Rafael Scapin with the latest news in IT and Education. This week’s edition of DawsonITE is from their Newsletter no. 226 released on November 14th, 2014 with the Video of the Week and Presentation of the Week taken from the website at

Presentation of the Week: Developing a MOOC Portal

This was from the TIE-UP Lucknow Education Event held on October 31st, 2014 and is authored by Dr Sunil Ji Garg.

Video of the Week: Redefining education

A presentation by Haresh Khoobchandani at the TEDxChiangMai event.

Detecting and Deterring Ghostwritten Papers: A Guide to Best Practices

This article gives a thorough state­of­the­art account of how ghostwritten papers may be detected and deterred. The author offers this account as a resource to educators, administrators and schools who wish to better understand and more ably combat ghostwriting in their classrooms.

35 Psychological Tricks To Help You Learn Better

Here are 35 proven psychological phenomena that affect you and your students every day!

10 URLs That Every Google User Should Know

And then there are 10 important links that every Google user should know about. They are tucked away, somewhere deep inside your Google Account dashboard, and they may reveal interesting details about you that are known to Google.

Google’s Chromebooks Have Officially Taken Over The Education Market

The search giant’s low­cost laptops were the best­selling devices in the K­12 market last quarter. Find out why.

How to view iCloud Drive files on iPhone and iPad

While iCloud Drive behaves like a full featured file manager on both Windows and Mac, that isn't the case on iPhone or iPad. There just isn't an iCloud Drive app on mobile. So, if you want to access iCloud Drive files on iOS, you'll need an App Store app to do it. The trouble is, not every App Store app supports every file type. So, if you just want to see all your iCloud Drive files on your iPhone or iPad, what can you do?

How To Run a Moodle Activity Report

Moodle has become one of the most popular online learning management programs for teachers in all grade levels to utilize. Much of this is thanks to how easy it is for people to utilize a Moodle activity report for their many educational needs.

26 + Tips For Getting The Most From Your Interactive Whiteboards

A brief guide to making the most of your interactive whiteboard which is called, logically enough, Making the Most of your Interactive Whiteboard. Originally, this was created in response to a request received while teaching a recent teacher­training course.

How to Record Calls on Your Smartphone

We're going to tell you how to record phone calls on your smartphone, but we strongly advise that you check whether this is legal in your region before you follow these steps. Needless to say, don't record calls if it is illegal. If you record calls, make sure that you tell the other person that the call is being recorded.

66Track Conferences with Stream Reading

If you’re looking for a way to track conferences with your mobile device, check out Stream Reading. Designed for both iPhone and iPad users this app lets teachers easily manage reading reports and organize student data. You can record an audio of a student reading using your device’s microphone and document what happened when you met with the student for a conference.

How Canadians are Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Learn how Canadians are integrating technology into the classroom.

Wear your passwords and keys on your wrist with Everykey

Wearable passwords and keys are becoming more prevalent, and the Everykey is the latest device to enter the game with a “fashion meets security and convenience” proposition. The wristband uses Bluetooth technology to easily unlock smartphones, tablets or computers, not to mention doors, car doors and bike locks. It also acts as a password manager that automatically logs the wearer into their various online accounts.

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