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Published November 30, 2014 | Multidisciplinary

DawsonITE for the Week of December 1

This week’s edition of DawsonITE marks that transition into the home stretch of the semester. As we wade through the pressures of exam preparation and correction, as well as the heartbreak of the students who ‘absolutely must pass this course’, the light at the end of the tunnel beckons us with thoughts of innovation and growth in the plans for next semester’s iteration of our classes.

  • 7 Ways to Deal With Digital Distractions in the Classroom
    ‎Should we allow digital devices in the classroom? Now that they’re here, how can we prevent digital devices from becoming a distraction? Let’s take a look!
  • Easy Way to Add Subtitles to Videos in Google Drive
    ‎This tip is about adding subtitles to videos in Google Drive. This time it is not an extension or third party tool to add to your Drive but simply a short text file that you will have to tweak a bit to validate. The process is very easy and won’t take you more than a couple minutes.
  • 10 Best TED Talks of 2014 for Educators
    TED Talks are a major source of inspiration for educators who need a morale boost, a discussion starter, or a new perspective. The year 2014 brought some of the best TED Talks for educators. Their messages are invaluable for educators who work tirelessly to inspire creativity, motivation, and determination in their students.
  • The Benefits of Students Teaching Students Through Online Video
    ‎Video tutorials can help students with questions on homework or test preparation. However, students are finding the value in creating tutorial videos themselves for other students.
  • The 100 Greatest Innovations Of The Year
    ‎Each year, Popular Science picks the 100 greatest new innovations in technology to feature in their Best Of What’s New issue. Discover the most exciting developments in consumer gadgets, sustainability, medicine, automobiles and more.
  • A New Tool to Search for Images Licensed for School Use
    ‎Photos for Class is a very good web tool that you and your students can use to search for and download Creative Common licensed images. The search engine of Photos for Class uses Flickr safe search to return results that are licensed for school use.
  • 8 Tools to Help You Manage Projects at Work and at Home
    ‎Keeping projects organized, whether at home or in the office, used to require a whole lot of ink. In Below is a list of eight project management hacks, both for the home and for the workplace; absolutely no BICs or Uniballs required.
  • If Freire Made a MOOC: Open Education as Resistance
    Critical Pedagogy is, according to Freire, “made and remade.” And, “Critical reflection is also action.” This means that educators and students will need to return again and again to their fundamental assumptions about education, about open education, about MOOCs, about assessment, about outcomes, and about what it means to be part of a community of educators and students.
  • Pocket Drive iOS App Transforms Your iPhone Into An External Hard Drive
    Pocket Drive comes supplied with a handy built-in zip archiver and file downloader that makes storing data inside the application extremely easy even while you are away from a desktop computer or similar.
  • Editor’s Choice: The Best Educational Apps For iPad In 2014
    ‎So 2014 is almost over, and it’s time to start looking back at what’s happened in the last year. Today, we do that in the form of the best educational apps for iPad in 2014.
  • How Technology Trends Have Influenced the Classroom
    ‎Let’s examine which features of society (and media) have changed and then consider what we can do in education to use it as an advantage for learning.‎

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