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Published February 23, 2009

APOP_Junket, Your Pedagogic "YouTube"

Multi-resources on integrating ICT in teaching and learning: a new resource on the APOP website.

Are you curious to know your peers' thoughts, ideas and points of view in regards to ICT integration? Would you like to see them presenting their pedagogical approaches to ICT and communicate with them and engage in discussions?

... many practical cases and suggestions for application that will guide you towards innovative methods for ICT integration.

The new APOP_Junket site provides the college network with a collection of documents and web productions, offering views,strategies and resources for ICT integration tailored to developmental needs of teachers in post-secondary level educational institutions. These files are documented under the general classification of Eureka and include several types of formats (media capsules, text files, presentations, various references, etc.), all in support of IT skills development for teachers in various disciplines and programs.

The APOP_Junket provides the opportunity to learn about strategies and tools proposed by presenters. You may find yourself frequently visiting the website as it offers many practical cases and suggestions for application that will guide you towards innovative methods for ICT integration. As well, the media capsules and documents deal with a wide variety of topics for different contexts.

APOP_junket home page

The APOP_Junket site covers the main aspects associated with ICT teaching skills: in the context of education, educational planning, information management, publishing and production, communication, evaluation.

These aspects are addressed through presentations by post-secondary level teachers for development activities and workshops carried out by APOP in recent years. Thus, you can now find APOP developmental workshops that were conducted online, compiled in the form of media capsules, as well as APOP's UR on Line! Symposium (2007 and 2008 editions), contributions from partners (ICT organizations dedicated to the integration of ICT at colleges), and collaboration from those involved in projects with targeted services for the anglophone college network (Entente Canada-Quebec), etc.

To set up this project, APOP received financial support from the Inukshuk Learning Fund and has benefited from the contribution of partners such as CCDMD the C@CE (Cégep de Trois-Rivières), SVIeSolutions and Cégep François-Xavier-Garneau.

The digital files available at the website (currently over 900) help:

  • Provide content that is relevant to all levels of interest (awareness-application-adaptation-innovation) and target ICT activities in colleges and postsecondary institutions;
  • Make content accessible as well as the adaptation of their presentation formats in various contexts of use;
  • Develop original content and appropriate use of references and guidelines for the development of strategies for integrating ICT into educational practices;
  • Share and transfer expertise already developed by APOP resource people and to support the development of teachers in their respective contexts.

Social Computing does it have the power to transform education

Additionally, the APOP_junket blog provides a venue to discuss the project and strategies and viewpoints with peers. If you would like to contribute towards adding to our resources, or for assistance relating to publication of media capsules, or requests for what you would like to view in multimedia mode, please do not hesitate to contact

The APOP team will be happy to support you in this new experience of sharing and collaboration among peers.

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