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Published June 8, 2017 | Multidisciplinary

A Complete Toolbox for Creating Your Own Web Space this Summer

Summer is just around the corner and it is an ideal time to focus on projects you might have postponed during the school year due to a lack of time. You probably know teachers who host course material on a website or use a blog to follow-up on internship students.

Profweb’s Web Spaces provide a web environment for teachers to create one or more websites for pedagogical purposes, free of charge. Your Web Space is entirely customizable, which allows you to test your new ideas or pedagogical projects.

Why not take advantage of the summer holidays to:

  • Explore the various possibilities offered by Profweb’s Web Spaces?
  • Experiment with new online tools?
  • Liven up your existing website or blog?

Web Spaces are suitable for a variety of disciplines and offer multiple pedagogical possibilities by simply creating a WordPress site or Mediawiki.

To guide you or for some inspiration as you get started, we present you with different tools and tutorials that will allow you to personalize your Web Space.

To Add, Edit or Organize Your Online Content

  • MediaWiki. A tutorial to learn how to create and to manage your first wiki.
  • WordPress. A tutorial to learn how to set up and to manage your blog or website.
  • Getting to Know You: Creating Your On-line Biography. An article to help you take “your first step at setting the Internet straight on the great person that you are, and not leaving your digital fate to one of those teacher rating sites!”

To Add Visual Content to Your Web Space

  • Canva. A free tool for creating attractive visual content. You can also watch this video presenting an overview of Canva.
  • GIMP. A powerful free and open source software to edit images and photos.
  • Why We Really Should Care About Infographics (Susan Regan, John Abbott College). This Real Life Story explains the importance of adding visual elements to course content and offers a few guidelines to create your own infographics.
  • Créer et utiliser des infographies en classe (Catherine Rhéaume, Profweb). This article explains the characteristics of well-designed infographics and suggests a few digital tools, such as Piktochart et, to create illustrations that you will then be able to add to your website.

    Characteristics of a well-designed inforgraphic (created with Piktochart)

To Create Formative Quizzes Online

You want to take the leap this summer and start working on your first Web Space (or update your existing one)? It is definitely the best time to do it! Getting started is easy, but if ever you have questions, rapid and efficient technical help is available in one click. Have a great vacation and happy exploring!

About the Authors

Andréanne Turgeon She has been working as an Editor for Profweb since 2014. She holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in History and has worked on the design and supervision of a distance education course within this domain. Her work as an editor and participation in different college network events allows her to continuously update and enrich her technopedagogical knowledge. She enjoys lending her writing talents to teachers to help them share their innovative practices. She is particularly interested in pedagogical approaches and resources that support student success and inclusiveness.

Alexandre Dal-Pan Il est stagiaire en enseignement en biologie au Cégep Garneau. Il aura bientôt un Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées en enseignement collégial (DESS) à l’Université Laval. Nous avons la chance de l’accueillir dans notre équipe de rédaction. Pour en savoir plus sur le parcours d'Alexandre, consultez son portrait.

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