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The mission of Vitrine Technologie-Éducation (VTÉ) is to promote and support the integration of technology into postsecondary education.

VTÉ plays a leading role in monitoring technical developments and disseminating its findings by means of its website, newsletter, and the virtual labs that it organizes, among other activities.

VTÉ also disseminates teaching resources by means of its CERES catalogue.

In addition, VTÉ arranges group purchases of software licenses for member institutions (Quebec universities and Cegeps).

Defining the VTÉ

VTÉ is recognized for its education-related technology watch, promoting activities that might be of benefit to you. The VTÉ disseminates the results of its searches, among others, through activities known as VTÉ laboratories. Conducted every two months during the school year, these laboratories are places for discussion and experimentation. Projects last from four to six weeks. The VTÉ manages the lab and fosters relationships between experts and practitioners, between beginning teachers and experienced teachers, and indeed among students. These activities take place at a number of times through meetings involving synchronous videoconferencing.

To disseminate the results of its monitoring activities, the VTÉ also publishes flyer in English and maintains its website.

VTÉ also participates in the dissemination of pedagogical resources. It does so by search engine optimization of teaching and learning resources (TLRs) in the CERES catalogue. In CERES, you can find lesson plans, educational videos, and interactive exercises. This resource is definitely worth a visit!

The VTÉ Team

Contact Information

Telephone: 514 332-3000, ext. 6022
Facebook (french): Vitrine technologie-éducation (VTÉ)
Twitter: @VTELab

Postal Address

Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne
10500, avenue de Bois-de-Boulogne
Montréal (Québec) H4N 1L4

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