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Performa is the result of a unique partnership between the Université de Sherbrooke and 61 college institutions whose mission is to support:

  • professional development of college pedagogical staff, particularly teachers
  • the institutional pedagogical development of member institutions.

Performa offers university training programs, in both French and English, designed in collaboration with member institutions to meet their specific needs.

A local Performa representative (RL) is present in each college to support the pedagogical staff in their professional development path.

Performa is...

Performa offers diversified graduate level courses in terms of both approaches and pedagogical methods, focusing on the exchange and dialogue of knowledge.

In a spirit of accessibility and flexibility, Performa's continuing education programs are offered year-round, at the local, regional and network levels. Several course formats are available:

  • correspondence;
  • physical presence;
  • blended learning;
  • tutorials.

In some cases, courses may take place in the workplace, on the job, integrated into the participants' schedules and provided by a college resource person.

Eight credited programs are currently offered by Performa.

Bachelors level:

Study programs offered in French only:

Masters level:

Study programs offered in English:

Study program offered in English and in French:

Study programs offered in French:

Diplôme de 2e cycle en enseignement au collégial (DE) (30 credits recognized for the MEC)

A program open to all, for people who are not yet employed by a member institution, but who wish to follow teacher training:

Performa's master's essays in college teaching, some of which focus on issues related to technology integration, are posted on the open access web platform Savoirs UdeS and in, the college network's open archive, managed by the Centre de documentation collégiale (CDC). Consult them! Use the results of your peers' research to optimize your own practices!

In addition, Performa supports research or educational innovation projects each year through its Collectif de développement de la recherche et de transfert des connaissances.

Performa also offers several reference volumes on higher education with the Collection Performa. Many college and university teachers share their pedagogical expertise. It is published by the Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC).



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Contact Information

Telephone: 819 821-7424
Facebook: PERFORMA - Université de Sherbrooke

Postal Address

Faculté d’éducation
Université de Sherbrooke
2500, boulevard de l’Université
Sherbrooke (Québec) J1K 2R1

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