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The IT Rep/REPTIC Network is a community practice of pedagogical counsellors responsible for the integration of ICTs into Quebec colleges. IT Reps work with teachers at their school to support the pedagogical integration of ICTs. The IT Rep also ensures that the resources of ICT partners have concrete benefits in their setting.

Operating in a spirit of collaboration, IT Reps design frames of reference and resources based on the needs expressed. The work carried out by members of the Network is available to the entire college network.

Defining the IT Reps Network

The IT Rep at your institution is a pedagogical counsellor who is there to support your use of technology for educational purposes. See your IT Rep if you want advice on any of the following:

  • Renewing your pedagogical approaches
  • Putting together a pedagogical activity that integrates ICTs
  • Discovering virtual learning spaces you could use with your students
  • Keeping track of students with difficulties
  • Developing the information and technology skills of your students
  • Getting new teaching and learning resources
  • Creating lecture notes accessible on the web
  • Sparking student interest and motivation
  • Promoting the development of student cognitive and methodological skills
  • Developing teaching materials for your courses
  • Promoting collaborative work among your students
  • Teaching in the context of a program approach
  • Using a learning portfolio
  • Keeping track of students in internships
  • Preventing plagiarism

ICTs can help you to achieve each of these objectives, and many others. Talk with your IT Reps!

Thanks to the IT Representatives’ Network, IT Reps from all Quebec colleges exchange information and work as a team to help meet teachers’ needs.


In addition, consult the IT REP Directory at each of the network colleges.

Contact Information

Telephone : 514 381-8631, ext. 2387
Email :
Website :
Twitter : @REPTIC

Postal Address

Fédération des cégeps
500, boulevard Crémazie Est
Montréal (Québec)  H2P 1E7

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Published October 20, 2014

Video Capsules on the ICT Profile for College Students

The video clips of the ICT Profile for College Students are, as their name suggests, for students, but also for teachers. These are tutorials that promote mastery of the skills targeted in the profile.

The ICT Profile for College Students consists of skills on information research, processing and presentation, as well as transversal skills that invite students to network and to effectively and responsibly use ICT. You can download the ICT Profile for College Students in English and in French.