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DECCLIC (Collecto)


DECclic (Collecto) offers academics access to Moodle, a high-performance digital learning environment. DECclic promotes the emergence of innovative teaching strategies and learning practices.

Defining DECclic

DECclic brings together college-level institutions to share hosting and technopedagogical support required for the use of the digital Moodle environment. This environment can be used by teachers who wish to benefit from ICTs for improved student guidance and to enrich their teaching.

Moodle can be used for online learning or face-to-face with computer assistance (in a language lab, for example).

The Moodle environment offers the following features, among others:

  • Web publication tools (like a webpage editor)
  • Communication tools (like forums or a chat module)
  • Collaborative tools (like wikis)
  • Evaluation tools (like online tests)
  • Coaching and management tools (like a module for managing student grades)

The DECclic team has also established a community of practice so as to enable network teachers who use Moodle to interact with each other. For access to this community of practice, consult the IT representative of your college.

The corporation Plateforme collégiale DECclic Team

Contact Information

Telephone : 514 332-3000, ext. 6021
Email :
Facebook : Plateforme collégiale DECclic
Twitter : @DECclic

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