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Cégep à distance


Cégep à distance is a college dedicated to distance learning. It serves as a complement to the bricks and stone college network, hosting a diverse student population with a significant student population referred from within that college network.

Each year, approximately 17,000 people enroll in one or the other of the 200 distance credit courses offered in English and French.

At the forefront of pedagogical IT, Cégep à distance reflects the expertise of its team.

Cégep à distance benefits its students, but it also benefits the college network. Indeed, it offers many tools and services to the Quebec college network.

Defining Cégep à distance

Cégep à distance was mandated to develop and disseminate course materials for distance learning in the college pre-university and technical streams.

Cégep à distance puts much of this material at the disposal of the entire college network.

Teachers can, for example, use this material to enrich their presentations in class or as extra resources for students with special needs.

The Cégep à distance offers distance learning materials (web, printed, audiovisual or CD format) for the majority of courses in general education, as well as specific training courses in Social Science, Business Administration and Early Childhood Education.

Although material varies from one course to another, it may include:

  • A study guide, which provides students with an optimal path in their course.
  • A basic manual and a textbook, which may contain additional lectures and formative assessment exercises.
  • Additional documents such as a set of photographs for the photography course.

Check the list of equipment available (in french) to see what might be helpful.

In addition, the Cégep à distance also offers distance success tools which may be useful to your students. And if you are concerned that a student will fail the English Exit Exam (EEE) or if he or she has already failed, suggest the course “Preparing for the English Exit Exam” offered at Cégep à distance.

Contact Information

Telephone: 514 864-6464 or 1 800 665-6400

Postal Address

Cégep à distance
6300, 16th Avenue
Montreal (Quebec) H1X 2S9