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The CDC (Centre de documentation collégiale) is the only unique library focusing on college-level education.

The CDC has developed a collection and services to meet the specific information needs of teachers, professionals, administrators, researchers and future teachers in the college network. This collection provides access to documentation relating to pedagogy, teaching, ICT integration into colleges, innovation and institutional development, as well as, more broadly, education specific to the college level in Quebec.

The CDC serves francophone and Anglophone Cegeps, both public and private, across Quebec.

Defining the CDC

The CDC acquires, preserves and disseminates the documentary heritage of the college network. The Center manages, the open archive or the Quebec college network which promotes visibility and access to publications by enabling self-depositing by members of the college community and open access to publications.

The CDC collection has more than 35,000 research reports, theses, articles and ebooks, of which over 5000 are in full -text online. These documents are available to all teachers of the college network through EDUQ,info. You can view online documents or get books on loan (free postal delivery). Among the CDC resources are the following:

  • PAREA research reports
  • Articles from the journal Pédagogie collégiale
  • Papers submitted to symposiums and congresses sponsored by the AQPC, ARC, and the Service interculturel collégial.

In addition, the CDC offers information retrieval training sessions, and a support service for teachers who have to write a literature review researching literature for a research project, a master's degree or a doctorate.

The CDC Team

Contact Information

Telephone: 514 364-3327
Fax: 514 364-2627

Postal Address

CDC (Centre de documentation collégiale)
Cégep André-Laurendeau
1111 Lapierre
Montreal, LaSalle Borough (Quebec) H8N 2J4

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