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The mission of the AQPC (Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale) is to promote, to stimulate and to support the development and evolution of educational mastery at the college level. Even though the AQPC is a francophone organization, it also seeks to reach out to the Anglophone college community by providing activities in English. The organization focuses on the Quebec college network, facilitating the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience as well as supporting reflection on college pedagogy and the adoption of the fruits of academic research. All of these activities contribute to the construction of a professional identity for college teachers. The AQPC is a dynamic and interactive location where academics in higher education meet to mutually enable themselves to enrich their expertise. Interested in becoming a part of this network of academic innovation? Become a member of the AQPC!

Defining the AQPC

For many, the AQPC is known through the organization of its annual symposium. Held each June, it is the meeting place for members of the Quebec college network interested in pedagogy to connect and exchange views. The event attracts 1,300 participants annually to attend 120 workshops over three days. At least two of those workshops are held in English during each time slot.  And during the keynote lectures, simultaneous translation is available. An increasing number of workshops (39 in 2013) are related to the insertion of information and communication technology into education.

The AQPC is also distinguished by the quality of its journal which is published quarterly. Pédagogie collégiale targets the network's teachers, professionals and administrators. It contains articles on academic research results, innovative teaching practices highlighting teachers in colleges and a host of other articles on college teaching. A significant number of these articles discuss information and communication technology (ITC). The journal is distributed by subscription and to current members of the AQPC. Summaries of the articles are available in French and English on the AQPC website, where one also finds the English version of numerous articles (at least 2 or 3 for each issue, plus all of the articles in the theme issues). Articles for the journal can be submitted in French or English.

The AQPC has also published books dealing with diverse aspects of teaching in higher education. The common thread in all of these titles is that they are teacher-centered rather than addressing the education professional who advises them. They focus on the adoption of innovative teaching approaches and the transmission of pedagogical knowledge as well as reflection on these practices.

But the AQPC is more than all this – it's also a training center, a grantor of awards for pedagogical practice on a network basis, for example the Honourable Mentions, the Gérald-Sigouin Award and the Vecteur pédagogique Award , and a lot of other things. To take full advantage; become a member!

The AQPC Team

The AQPC College Liasons

The AQPC College Liasons are the people generally named by the Academic Dean of their college to act as an interface between their school and the AQPC. To find your school's college liason, consult the AQPC site's AQPC College Liaison webpage.


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