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5 October 2007

New Kits for New Teachers

Source : CCDMD

For the first time this year, the CCDMD is sending kits for new teachers to English colleges. These educational materials, available in print, CD-ROM, DVD or on our website, are designed by and for teachers working in the college network and are adapted to post-secondary needs and student skills acquisition…

27 May 2007

English-language division of the CCDMD: our first launch

Source : CCDMD

On May 15, 2007, the official launch of Vox Method: Training the Voice by Steven Lecky of Dawson College took place. The CCDMD is very proud of this product, which is the result of a submission accepted during the first call for projects by the Centre’s English-language division in January…

23 May 2007

Cantare 2 Educational karaoke

Source : CCDMD

The CCDMD has just released a new version of Cantare 2, a software used for teaching languages. This product is available in French and English. It is aimed at people who want to plan lessons for teaching a language by listening to songs or audio files as the words scroll…

17 May 2007

The Internet Directory for English Language Improvement

Source : CCDMD

The English-language division of the CCDMD proudly presents the first edition of The Internet Directory for English Language Improvement, based on the model of its highly popular CCDMD French-language companion (Répertoire des meilleurs sites Internet pour l'amélioration de l'anglais).
The Internet Directory for English Language Improvement

8 May 2007

Accord-Désaccords, educational software

Source : CCDMD

For a number of years, the Vade-mecum by Huguette Maisonneuve of Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, has been sold together with a CD-ROM containing exercises. The CCDMD has received many requests to put this resource online so that students could access the exercises more easily.

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