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Skill 4 – Working in a Network


Description of Skill 4 – Working in a Network

In education as in work environments, tools for distance communication and online collaboration are booming. To open up to the world and to be fully efficient in this digital era, knowing how to communicate online, share content and collaborate in a network has become essential.

This skill proposes three types of activities for working in a network for which the steps towards their completion follow similar paths. Whether it is for communicating, sharing or collaborating, students must first determine the objectives as well as the context in order to better understand the task to complete, then select the appropriate tools. They must anticipate all logistical, technical and organizational requirements to secure the success of their actions. They must also be able to use correctly the features offered by tools for communicating, sharing or completing their objectives. Finally, good practices must be applied in accordance with the task to be completed.

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