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Task 1.1.2 – Use available resources and services, in particular those provided by the library


Description of Task 1.1.2 – Use available resources and services, in particular those provided by the library

This task involves the steps to discover/share and to benefit/share benefits of resources and services that support the search for information.

Supplemental Information

This task can be performed by:

  • visiting the library in your college and its website;
  • asking questions to the college staff (librarian or teaching and pedagogical technician (SMTE - Spécialiste en moyens techniques d’enseignement), API, teachers, lab technicians, etc.);
  • reading the course outline or publications produced by the college;
  • finding and consulting resource-persons whose work is dedicated to help with information searches;
  • staying informed about training sessions or workshops offered by the library;
  • participating actively in workshops on documentary research and by applying what is learned.

Requirements - Suggestions

This task requires that students inform themselves on available resources and services in their environment that can help them in their searches.

Students can create a list of consulted resources, note their characteristics and explain how to access and use them.

Potential Tools

Students will take ownership of the following basic search and monitoring tools:

  • Library catalogue and website of the college and of the BAnQ (Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec);

Databases available within the college or externally. Students will consult the following documents or elements:

  • Institutional or discipline guide(s);
  • Mediagraphy or list of suggested resources (in the course plan, in the learning platform or on the teacher’s website);
  • Lists of resource-persons.

In Practice

It is essential that students be guided towards library resources from their start at CEGEP. They must become regular users, not only occasional users.

Virtual rallies or guided visits are ways that can be used to introduce services offered to students in their CEGEP.

Furthermore, workshops offered by library staff aim to provide students with a basic knowledge of the different resources available to help them carry out a search for information. If such workshops are not offered by library staff, it must be ensured that teachers can offer some basics necessary for their students who have a search assignment to complete.

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