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Task 1.4.2 – Save the referenced documents


Description of Task 1.4.2 – Retain referenced documents

This task includes the operations of saving, naming and archiving files and folders in order to easily track the information found.

Supplemental Information

Students use a method to save, name and archive locally,either in their network or cloud computing, documents useful for their studies and assignments.

Students add metadata to saved documents to facilitate their tracking. They also use and classify bookmarks to track online documents.

Requirements - Suggestions

Teachers can require a screenshot of the file and folders structure.

Students are able to explain the logic and efficacy of their archiving and tracking methods. They can also demonstrate the efficacy of their method in the retrieval of filed documents.

The absence of lost documents is a good sign that they are using an effective method.

Potential Tools

To archive documents or to learn how to do so, students will use the following tools:

  • File manager of the local operating system (e.g. Windows Explorer);
  • File manager of cloud computing services;
  • Mediagraphic management software (such as Zotero or EndNote);
  • Bookmarks in their browser;
  • A tutorial on file management.

Cloud computing: used to describe the hosting of computer information on remote servers rather than having them reside on a single local computer (Source: Online Canadian Oxford Dictionary - Oxford reference).

In Practice

When working in teams, defining a set of rules for archiving and naming files and folders and applying these rules consistently makes attaining the objective easier.

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