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Task 1.4.1 – Save the mediagraphic references


Description of Task 1.4.1 – Save mediagraphic references

By mediagraphic references we mean accurate information on consulted documents: title(s), author(s), subject, summary, publisher, URL link, date of publication or edition, etc.

This task is essential for accessing to saved information at a later date and to respect intellectual property (see tasks 3.2.5 - Citing sources according to required formats, and 3.2.6 - Producing a properly formatted mediagraphy).

Supplemental Information

In this task, students capture or transcribe the accurate information from the documents saved for their assignments or studies. They must be able to access them while writing their papers and during the whole length of their academic and professional careers.

Requirements - Suggestions

Students will be able to present their teachers with:

  • A mediagraphic list prepared on demand;
  • a mediagraphic reference database (using a mediagraphic management tool).

Proof of completion of this task is often accomplished by citing the origin of sources as well as in the production of a complete mediagraphy in the assignment.

Potential Tools

Here are some relevant tools related to mediagraphic references:

  • Mediagraphic management tools (such as Zoreto and EndNote);
  • Mediagraphic information included in databases, library catalogues and sites where the information is presented in a structured way (e.g. online encyclopedia).

In Practice

All types of sources, whether digital or physical, include mediagraphic information, although its quality varies.

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