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Skill 3 – Present Information

Skill 3

Skill 3 Schema – Present Information : 3.1 Plan Information To Be Presented, 3.2 Carry Out Production, 3.3 Highlight Production and 3.4 Share Information

Description of Skill 3 – Present Information

Many academic assignments require activities where students are asked to present information: they share their research results, their projects’ progress, their creations or results of their work, using a variety of tools that are both pertinent and stimulating.

This task supports students in completing their assignment. This proposed approach is generic and is presented in four steps: planning the presentation, carrying out its production, highlighting and transmission of the information. This applies to all types of presentations, whether an assignment done with a word processor, a slide show, a video or audio clip, an online publication or image or any other type of presentation, the steps are the same for all.

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