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Objective 1.1 – Plan an Information Search


Description of Objective 1.1 – Plan an Information Search

Planning a search for information is a prerequisite for obtaining satisfying search results.

This objective includes all planning tasks prior to performing the search.

Supplemental Information

To have a good start, students must first specify the objective of the work to be carried out in order to help them better understand it. They will also itemize the characteristics of the work that will influence their approach and choices.

They will then define their search topic by exploring its theme and by answering common questions which will help them specify the need for information.

Then, they must identify interesting documents that will feed the work.

Finally, students must know and select the search and monitoring tools available to them.

Requirements - Suggestions

The following assignments can be used to assess the attainment of the objective:

  • Personal description of the characteristics of the work to carry out;
  • Terms for the issue or question of the research topic;
  • List of the most relevant types of documents on selected topic;
  • Selection of the appropriate tools for searching on the library’s website, or elsewhere.

Potential Tools

In order to plan their search for information, students will have access to the following categories of tools: timelines or work plans, documents related to the course and to the work to carry out, library catalogues, websites, databases, etc.

In Practice

As the search process is quite linear, it is recommended that this step be carried out prior to the following ones.

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