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Task 2.3.3 – Perform visual representation of the information


Description of Task 2.3.3 – Perform a visual presentation of the information

This task aims at producing the expected visual presentation using the selected tool. Students proceed to create the schema, table, graph, etc.

Supplemental Information

To complete this task, students must take into account the characteristics and rules of the type of presentation selected. They must also take into account the functionalities of the chosen tool.

Here are some operations that students might have to carry out depending on the type of presentation and the tool:

  • specify the visual presentation (e.g., choosing the type of graph most appropriate to present data according to the objective);
  • modify the settings of the chosen tool;
  • use a working aid (for example when creating graphics in a spreadsheet);
  • save all information to be visually presented or save raw data that will allow the presentation of the information;
  • create and manipulate forms, symbols and all sorts of objects;
  • organize or structure elements of information logically according to the ideas to be formulated;
  • apply styles and modify their appearance (lines, colours, etc.) significantly according to different categories;
  • determine the relationship among ideas with links or other graphic elements;
  • specify the nature of the links between elements of information (cause, effect, action, direction);
  • add comments, images, navigation elements and hyperlinks;
  • insert a title and legend;
  • etc.

Requirements - Suggestions

The mastering of this skill can be demonstrated by:

  • the presence of key elements without loss of detail;
  • the presence of all relevant links;
  • a clear and neat presentation;
  • efficient and useful graphic elements for the understanding and clear expression of the concepts.

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