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Status in Colleges

The first version of the ICT Profile for College Students was published in 2009. From then on, colleges adapted this framework by beginning different projects to integrate it. In January 2011, results from a survey done with college ICT respondents showed that approximatively 30 colleges had implemented the ICT Profile for Students in one or more programs, and that other colleges were starting the process. Six preuniversity programs and 25 technical programs had worked on implementing the ICT Profile. During the launching of the new ICT Profile (updated in October 2014) and in the months that followed, we observed a great amount of enthusiasm throughout the college network. The 2014 ICT Profile was well received and its update translated into continued projects for some and the starting of new projects for others. The information that was communicated by the ICT respondents and shared on college websites confirms that the integration of the ICT Profile for Students is still an important process in many colleges. To find out more about the evolution of the ICT Profile for College Students, consult the “<a href="/en/ict-profile/pages/ict-profile-history">History</a>” tab in the “About the ICT Profile” section.

A database that allows you to follow the integration process of the ICT Profile in different colleges has been available since June 2015. With this new tool one can, for example, contact ICT respondents in colleges that have integrated the ICT Profile in a particular program of study. One can search for integration projects by the following criteria: per college (programs where integration projects of the ICT Profile are being done in CEGEP X), per program (colleges that have integrated the ICT Profile in program X) and by state of progress. ICT respondents are invited to provide information related to the integration of the ICT Profile in their college during the fall of 2015 and to update this information in a continuous manner. It will then be possible, as soon as January 2016, to obtain an updated portrait of work related to the integration of the Profile in CEGEPs and colleges from the Quebec College Network. There are as many ways to integrate the ICT Profile as there are colleges in the College network. In some, teachers took the initiative to integrate some of the elements of the ICT Profile in their courses. In other colleges, the initiative comes from a team of teachers who chose a coordinated approach that integrates the ICT Profile in their program. You can also find approaches by project where a skill is part of an institutional project stressing, for example, informational skills or the ethical aspects of technology. Finally, some colleges choose to prioritize the ICT Profile when it comes to pedagogical development by various approaches and institutional orientations. To examine the question further, consult the “<a href="/en/ict-profile/pages/integrating-the-ict-profile-in-an-educational-institution">Integrating the ICT Profile in a College</a>” section.

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