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Recommended Websites

We would like to suggest websites worthy of interest and which are linked with the ICT Profile. The organizations behind those sites offer resources, tools and services to colleges. The resources from these organizations were judged pertinent for the ICT Profile and were catalogued, filed per category and associated, as the case may be, with skills from the ICT Profile. To find out how to access them from this web space, see the “Structure and Contents of the ICT Profile Space” section.

Resources for Students and for Teachers

Many resources that support students’ autonomy in the development of skills related to the ICT Profile are available. Teachers and their collaborators can also access them to polish their own skills. These resources were created specifically to answer the needs felt in college programs, and to make it easier to learn with available technology.

  • Diapason Web Site (in French only)
    This site offers college and undergraduate university students learning resources for searching for information. Tutorials, videos, guides, tools, quick reference tools, etc. are found on this site, which also has a section for trainers (teachers, librarians), filled with scenarios and academic tips.
  • ICT Profile Video Clips
    These are the product of a collaboration between the IT REPs Network and Cégep à distance, offering 58 video clips, in French and in English, showing tutorials on how to develop ICT Profile skills.
  • Le matériel pédagogique IDIKO (in French only)
    A product created from the collaboration between Cégep de Sainte-Foy and Université Laval, these clips are for learning editing and digital imaging.
    The world seen through images, the Amélioration du français site, as well as a series of digital resources (web sites, software) produced by the Centre collegial de développement de materiel didactique (CCDMD) support the development of many of the ICT skills.

Resources for Teachers and Others in the College Network

  • The Profweb Website… Here You Are!
    Intended to promote digital resources for colleges, this site is filled with inspiring publications such as stories of teachers from different programs who have integrated technologies into teaching and learning. It also offers some tools and services to make the integration of ICT in colleges easier. The articles and resources found on this site help to keep you informed about pedagogical trends and research that has been developed in the college network. Profweb is a wealth of information when it comes to providing concrete examples of activities and tools linked to the skills from the ICT Profile.
  • The “ICT Profile for Students” folder from the IT REP site
    Even though it is aimed mostly at those responsible for ICT in colleges, teachers and other actors interested in using technology can consult this folder filled with information, resources and tools supporting the promotion of the ICT Profile, its integration and implementation.
  • Futurs Profs Website (in French only)
    This site was created jointly by the CCDMD and the Université de Montréal. Training modules on competencies linked with instructional design are available, which many relate to software applications and pedagogical scenarios to use when holding activities for the development of skills from the Profile.
  • APOP
    Non-credited learning activities which are directly linked to the pedagogical integration of ICT in teaching. Offered by the Association for the Educational Application of Computer Technology at the Post-Secondary Level (APOP), these activities are often themed with skills from the ICT Profile.
    Credited professional development university programs for college pedagogy. Technology is often at the heart of the programs offered by PERFORMA to its member colleges. Some of the courses are directly linked with the integration of technology in learning and teaching.

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