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ICT Profile History

In 2004 the IT REP Network created its first two ICT profiles for an experimental project initiated by what was then called the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports: one was for the Social Science program and the other one was for Accounting and Management Technology. Then, in 2005, the project was broadened to all college students. The development of the ICT Profile for College Students was carried out between 2006 and 2009 along with information, animation and promotion tools.

The first network version of the ICT Profile was disseminated in 2009 through the college network. It was then used to carry out work in twenty or so academic institutions. In 2011-2012, following a survey of local practices, shortcomings were identified and a major overhaul was initiated which led to the new 2014 ICT Profile for Students. This is the version that you will find in this web space dedicated to the ICT Profile. Consult the “Sources of Inspiration” page to find out more on the framework on which the ICT Profile is based and the “Status in Colleges” page to find out more on the approach taken in the college network.

The IT REP Network has been offering resources supporting the integration of the ICT Profile in colleges since 2009, more specifically an implementation guide for programs of study, analysis grids and practical stories. The IT REP Network also provides support for tracking and development activities that help with the implementation of the ICT Profile, such as learning resources and pedagogical activities scenarios. These resources are now grouped together into this web space. To learn more on this subject, consult the “Structure and Content of the ICT Profile Space” section.

Here is the timeline of the “ICT Profile for College Students” framework.

  • 2004 – Pilot projects in Social Science and in Accounting and Management Technology.
  • 2005 – Broadening of the mandate:
    • formulation of guidelines for the projected design of an ICT Profile for college-level students (ICT Profile network);
    • creation of a working group: 7 IT REPs, including two librarians.
  • 2006-2009 - Design of the 2009 ICT Profile:
    • gathering of information and analysis of existing frameworks;
    • seeking support and public presentations;
    • validation and consolidation of the ICT Profile;
    • design of an information, animation and promotion toolbox (pamphlets, outlines, slideshows, texts).
  • 2009-2011 - Start of integration work of the ICT Profile in colleges:
    • design of a guide for integrating the ICT Profile in a program of study;
    • launch of local projects involving teachers, program teams and professionals;
    • design of local tools supporting the promotion and planning of the integration of ICT skills;
    • establishment and implementation of institutional policies.
  • 2011-2012 - Survey of practices in colleges:
    • survey of all ICT respondents;
    • exchanges among work teams;
    • interviews and gathering of information from a group of 12 ICT respondents who had started the integration of ICTs in their respective college: this process enabled the creation of note cards relating practical stories and grids showing the skills that were retained and those that were not.
  • 2012-2014 - Revision of the ICT Profile:
    • establishment of orientations and methodology;
    • analysis of comments issued from the survey;
    • analysis of the existing framework;
    • development of the global concept and writing of new wording;
    • validation with a group of ICT respondents and teachers;
    • official launch in October 2014.
  • 2012-2015 - Tools supporting the implementation of the ICT Profile:
    • creation of a database permitting follow-up on work done in colleges;
    • detailed documentation of the 2014 ICT Profile skills;
    • project for the creation of a website dedicated to the ICT Profile, making available a variety of resources for different clienteles (resulting in this space in Profweb in a new section called “Frameworks”).

Consult the “Contributors” section to learn more on the many intervenors who contributed to the ICT Profile for College Students since 2005.

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