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For Who Is the ICT Profile Web Space Intended?

The ICT Profile for Students web space was created mostly for teachers and students, but it is also useful for different contributors from the college network who can profit from a multitude of information and tools: general information on the ICT Profile, learning resources for students (and for us all!), testimonies and stories, pedagogical scenarios, Frequently Asked Questions, etc.

  • Students find what they need to develop their ICT skills, but the many tutorials can also be used by anyone who wishes to improve their ICT and informational skills!
  • Teachers benefit from a wealth of information on the integration and implementation of the ICT Profile in courses and in programs of study.
  • College professionals, such as pedagogical counsellors, ICT counsellors and librarians, have access to information and resources to better support teachers and program teams.
  • College administrators can learn about the ICT Profile for College Students, assess its relevance and inquire about ways to support its integration and implementation institutionally.
  • As for the other players in the education network, this space will allow them to find out more on the ICT Profile, draw on the experiences of the college network, and eventually contribute to its development, or even propose activities to adapt to its environment.

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