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About the ICT Profile

What is the ICT Profile?

The ICT Profile for College Students is a framework that teachers and colleges can rely on to help their students develop the informational, methodological, and technological skills required.

Rare is the college curriculum that does not involve searching for, processing and presentating information. The ICT Profile sets out an approach that allows these skills to be acquired within a single course or an entire program.

The ICT Profile has the following characteristics:

  • It consists of five skills. Each skill has defined objectives that involve tasks to be accomplished. It therefore presents a three-level structure of elements.
  • Universal, it can be adapted to all programs and to all colleges.
  • lt targets all students, including those with disabilities (143% increase in colleges from 2009 to 2012): its logic is similar to “Universal Design for Learning”, which aims to develop pedagogical skills for all learners (Fichten, Barile et collab., 2013).
  • It offers the help needed to acquire technological skills to support the mastering of high-level skills, whether informational, methodological or cognitive.
  • It gives teachers in programs flexibility when it comes to choosing software applications and the right digital environment to use for mastering a skill.
  • Because it is independent from technological changes, its relevancy will last longer.

The headers in section “About the ICT Profile” provide information on the different aspects of the ICT Profile for College Students. “Integrating the ICT Profile for Students” proposes avenues for integrating the ICT Profile in courses, programs of study and in colleges. It also defines the role of each contributor involved in this process in colleges, including teachers, pedagogical counsellors, librarians, etc. Finally, it provides a portrait of the integration of the ICT Profile in colleges.

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