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Task 2.3.1 – Organize the information to be presented


Description of Task 2.3.1 – Organize the information to be presented

This task consists of selecting and classifying data, concepts, facts, observations and reflections that will be part of the visual presentation of the information.

Supplemental Information

This step aims to identify the most significant elements of information from those that were previously provided, organized or generated. Students then filter these elements in order to establish meaningful groupings. Then, they select key elements to be saved in their final presentation. Finally, they adopt in a logical way the best presentation of the elements that were retained.

The choices made by students during this operation depend on the quantity and nature of the information to present as well as the links between them. They also depend on the objective aimed at and on the angle to give to their own interpretation. This step results in a clearer and more detailed idea of the topic that will influence greatly the selection of the type of presentation or tool.

Requirements - Suggestions

The attainment of this objective is demonstrated by:

  • the relevance of the information;
  • the presence of all important information;
  • the logical sequence of primary and secondary information;
  • the relevant classification of information.

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