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Objective 1.4 – Organize Documents To Be Saved


Description of Objective 1.4 – Organize Saved Documents

Before using sources of information that were found, it is appropriate to save and organize them first.

This objective includes all tasks that aim to organize sources of information and references in order to find them easily. It aims to keep track of search results throughout the process.

Supplemental Information

Students determine a method for archiving files and folders. They can, for example, name files appropriately, file them in a logical way in folders and use a mediagraphy management tool.

Students associate keywords with selected documents and use bookmarks.

Requirements - Suggestions

Mastering this objective can be demonstrated using lists and databases, screenshots, explanations and demonstrations.

Potential Tools

To organize saved documents, students may use the following elements: a file manager, mediagraphic information from documents, bookmarks and mediagraphic management software, metadata, etc.

In Practice

The important thing is to apply an efficient method when it comes to archiving and recalling documents.

Recall: Ability to find and retrieve saved documents efficiently.

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