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Objective 4.3 – Network Collaboration


Description of Objective 4.3 – Network Collaboration

Knowing how to collaborate in a network is a skill that is increasingly requested, both in the labour market and in higher education.

This objective requires that students work in collaboration with other team members using online tools and that each member contributes to attaining common objectives aimed at carrying out a joint project. Note that this objective normally requires Remote Communications (objective 4.1) and Content Sharing (objective 4.2).

Students must first identify the objectives and context of the collaboration to better understand the task that needs to be accomplished and then select an appropriate collaborative environment. They must anticipate the organizational and technical requirements to ensure the success of the required actions. They must also be able to use the features of the collaborative environment correctly to contribute to the project. Finally, they need to apply good practices in relation to the collaboration activities and to save the product of the work completed in a group.

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