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Task 1.1.1 – Identify the objective, content and form of the work to be done


Description of Task 1.1.1 – Identify the objective, content and form of the work to be done

The work to be done is first explained by the teacher. However, details will vary from one teacher to another and from one assignment to the other. Also, the latitude and autonomy in the work to be carried out normally increases progressively during the students’ academic development within the program.

This task includes activities that allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the instructions and expectations of the teacher.

Supplemental Information

Instructions are the starting point for any search for information and the work to be accomplished. They need to be detailed and clear.

Students first must make sure that they understand the objective, requirements and content expected as the result of the work carried out. Which skill is targeted? What is the targeted audience? Is there a required methodology? Is this part of an ongoing project or is there a deadline? It is important to note that the time allocated for carrying out a search and the criteria for evaluating the work are important elements that need to be taken into consideration when planning the search.

The nature of the work or task to be carried out must be specified here. Should you answer a question, draft an assignment, resolve a problem or take decisions? Students go farther into matters related to content: standards to be respected, number of quotations, sources’ level of expertise, types of sources, the need to support their statements with principles, laws or statistics, etc.

Students validate with their teacher or their peers the form of the assignment (type of presentation, requested final product, etc.).

Requirements - Suggestions

The different characteristics directed at the objective, content and nature of the work to be done must be identified and documented.

In some cases, examples of work done by alumni, or using a templates will allow them to quickly clarify the expectations and make completing the work easier.

A brief meeting, either individual or by team, allows students to validate and demonstrate their understanding. Presenting a timeline that is complete and precise will help students start on a solid basis.

Potential Tools

A template for a work plan that includes the elements to assign and support is useful in supporting students. Students may refer to the following documents to better guide and facilitate the execution of their work:

  • Course outline;
  • Homework outline;
  • Assignment instructions;
  • Examples;
  • Evaluation criterion;
  • Timeline or work plan template
  • Available templates/models
  • Methodological guide

In Practice

The requirements or instructions can help to choose/clarify the search subject and its aspects as well as the type of documentation to gather.

This task has an important impact on the following tasks and objectives.

Often the shape of the final assignment is defined by the teacher. As students progress, they can verify with their teacher or peers if it is possible to choose an appropriate project.

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