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Objective 2.1 – Identify Pertinent Elements of Information


Description of Objective 2.1 – Identify Pertinent Elements of Information

This objective consists of exploring the information, to bring to light primary and secondary ideas and to identify key elements, whether they be concepts, data, facts, observations or reflections.

The idea is to bring forward, bring to light or extract primary information. To do so, students can highlight and annotate digital documents available to them or save the information on an appropriate digital support.

Supplemental Information

This step relies on active reading techniques. The processing is carried out according to one or several specifically identified reading objectives. As such, students try to answer questions by questioning the text or by observing different types of content.

The method used depends on the context, nature and format of the information available. Some digital documents that were retained after a search for information or handed out by the teacher can be highlighted and annotated. In other situations, when the source of information cannot be highlighted or annotated (write-protected document, real-time listening, listening to an audio-visual document or data report), it is more appropriate to save the identified information on a digital medium.

Requirements – suggestions

Students must be able to choose the right technique (highlight and annotate vs. save) and the right tool depending on the context, nature and format of the information to be processed.

Notions of relevancy and strategies are at the heart of this objective. Students can demonstrate the efficiency of their chosen method when retrieving documents or digital supports used to highlight or save the information.

Potential Tools

The most relevant tools to carry-out this objective are office tools: word processors, spreadsheets, notes organizers, PDF document viewers, databases, etc.

In Practice

Knowing how to highlight and annotate digital documents and to save information in a digital format are important assets for working collaboratively.

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