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Task 5.4.4 – Follow the rules concerning the use of technology in own environment


Description of Task 5.4.4 – Follow the rules concerning the use of technology in one’s own environment

This task encourages students to comply with rules concerning the use of technology in their own environment, whether it be at the college or in a stage (field work). Students adopt adequate conduct according to the environment. They apply good practices when it comes to using technology.

Supplemental Information

Rules related to the environment define expected or forbidden conduct, including the use of technology. Topics discussed are varied:

  • The use of the internet and of the local network (in class or in other public places);
  • The use of equipment(computers, peripheral device, audiovisual device, etc.);
  • The use of software;
  • The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices;
  • Plagiarism or other forms of cheating;
  • The use of social networks;
  • Cyberbullying;
  • The use of public cloud computing;
  • etc.

Note that certain rules of usage of technology are directly linked with other elements of the ICT Profile, in particular other tasks from Objective 5.4 Act in an Ethical and Civil Manner.

Requirements – Suggestions

Students are able to outline and explain the rules related to using technology in their environment.

In practice, students respect rules.

Conduct that is expected from students in college is relevant and transferable when in stage (field work), and eventually on the labour market or university.

Potential Tools

Different types of documents on this topic are available in colleges. They can be:

  • rules;
  • policies;
  • codes of conduct;
  • procedures;
  • etc.

Generally, these documents or excerpts are available on the website or college intranet and sometimes in the student agenda.

In Practice

Students can generally refer to the student association, the IT department or the college’s student services to learn more on rules related to technology.

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