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Objective 1.3 – Evaluate the Quality of Information Found


Description of Objective 1.3 – Evaluate the Quality of Information Found

In the information world in which we live, sources abound but may not always be credible. Thus it is imperative to teach students how to evaluate the quality of information found.

This objective includes tasks related to the evaluation of quality and to the relevance of sources of information according to six specific criteria: validity, reliability, currency, credibility, point of view and objectivity. These criteria are applicable to both arguments and sources, to the author and editor as well as to its content.

Supplemental Information

Students use criteria and observe clues that will allow them to evaluate the quality and pertinence of sources found. They select and/or sort sources to keep only those applicable to the assignment or for making the right decisions.

It is worth noting that social validation can be of use for certain circumstances as it brings an additional element to one’s critical judgement.

Requirements - Suggestions

Different forms of critical evaluation of sources, such as a criterion-based evaluation, can be elements of evaluation of achieving this objective.

Potential Tools

To complete this objective, students can use the following tools:

  • A criterion-based evaluation grid;
  • A list of questions to answer;
  • A weighted evaluation grid.

In Practice

In a world where sources of information are abundant, mastering tasks related to this objective is essential in all disciplines. In all cases, completing this objective leads to decisions on sorting.

Depending on the discipline and the topic chosen, the relevance of each criteria and how they are used to evaluate the information can vary.

Discussions between peers will encourage the development of critical thinking, thus refining the ability to evaluate the quality of the information found.

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