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Objective 1.2 – Conduct Information Search


Description of Objective 1.2 - Conduct an Information Search

Applying good search strategies allows students to optimize both the pertinence of the results and their quantity.

This objective includes tasks related to the search and the selected tools used to achieve it. Students apply search strategies, adjust them if necessary and briefly consult the documents.

Supplemental Information

Students must first carefully choose keywords that are related to the required information. They determine, if necessary, search limits and then formulate requests in the search tools.

They modify their requests by targeting both precision and relevance, and then consult the results.

Note that a collaborative search using social media and communities of practice can support individual initiatives.

Requirements - Suggestions

Providing written or visual proof can show that the objective has been reached: a list of keywords used or a table containing selected terms and search operators, screenshots of the results, etc.

Potential Tools

Students can use guides or working aids, advanced options of the tools used, descriptive data, on-line help, etc.

In Practice

Selecting keywords and search limits are too often steps that are neglected, but which have a major impact on applying a fruitful search strategy.

A formative and preliminary assessment of a concept map by the teacher or tutor will help students carry out their search using the tools and also help them to be more successful.

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