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Task 3.2.5 – Cite sources according to the required standard


Description of Task 3.2.5 – Cite sources according to the required standard

This task consists of inserting in one’s work references to all sources used. It also means inserting sources that are paraphrased.

This operation ensures that intellectual property is respected. It requires from students that they cite their sources correctly and that they respect the origin of the documents they use, thus avoiding any situation of plagiarism.

Supplemental Information

Along with the integration of content, students cite all sources used according to the required standard, whether in the body of the text or as a footnote. These may include sources of information, inspiration or influence.

All sources used must be cited, whether they are texts, images or audio or video content. Students must highlight parts of text that were copied word for word from a document and mention all authors from whom ideas were retained, even those reformulated.

The most commonly used information is: documents’ author(s), title(s), year of publication and edition, URL or DOI addresses, name of editor, etc.

This task is made easier for students when they have previously saved all information related to the documents’ mediagraphic references (see task 1.4.1 Saving mediagraphic references).

DOI : Digital Object Identifier. A unique alphanumeric string assigned by a registration agency (the International DOI Foundation) to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on the Internet. The publisher assigns a DOI when your article is published and made available electronically. (Source: American Psychological Association).

Requirements – Suggestions

Students demonstrate their mastering of this task by:

  • the presence and proper formatting of elements of information about quotations in a text;
  • the presence and proper formatting of footnotes (only for citation standards requiring them);
  • the ability to explain when it is necessary to cite an information source and how to do it, whether it is a direct quotation or a paraphrased text, an image, a printed or electronic source, etc.;
  • consistency and rigour when applying the required standard;

The required standard is set by the teacher according to local choices (teacher, program, department, discipline or academic institution). It is recommended that respecting the presentation standards of the quotations be included in the grading criteria of the assignment.

Potential Tools

The following sources support citing of sources:

  • a commercial methodological guide;
  • the college or program’s methodological guide;
  • mediagraphic management software (such as Zotero or EndNote);
  • Working aid: database of online examples on writing quotations and mediagraphies.

In Practice

There are many standards for citing sources. Adopting one common standard for the academic institution or program makes learning and carrying out this task easier for students.

Mediagraphic management software helps and improves writing accurate and consistent citations.

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