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Task 1.3.1 – Assess the validity, reliability and currentness of information


Description of Task 1.3.1 – Assess the validity, reliability, and currentness of the information

This task allows the assessment of the quality of the information found using criteria related to its content.

Supplemental Information

Students will express an opinion on the quality of the information found using three criteria. They observe clues in the sources of information that allow them to evaluate:

  • the validity (presence of sources cited, methodology statement, explanation of the margin of error);
  • reliability (origin of the source);
  • currentness ( publication of edition date).

Requirements - suggestions

To develop and demonstrate their mastering of this task, students can produce the following:

  • a grid of criteria, including a brief justification for each source selected or rejected;
  • a selected annotated bibliography;
  • a weighted evaluation grid.

Potential Tools

To complete this task, students may use the following tools:

  • a criterion-based evaluation grid;
  • a list of questions to answer;
  • a weighted evaluation grid.

In Practice

In the Health Science domain, specific criteria are used to define the validity of clinical trials and systematic reviews.

Depending on the discipline and chosen topic, the currency of the information is either a criteria that is very determinant or of little interest.

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