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Task 1.2.1 – Apply appropriate search strategies


Description of Task 1.2.1 – Apply appropriate search strategies

This task requires that the search requests have already been carried out using search tools previously chosen. The requests are carefully formulated and students use the functionalities of the search tools.

Supplemental Information

Research strategies are varied: simple search, advanced options, keywords, truncations, operators (e.g. AND, OR), selection filters, etc.

Students formulate a request using keywords, synonyms and related words from their concept map. They use the various functionalities offered by the chosen search tools and adapt their operations accordingly.

Students should keep track of their requests to facilitate follow-ups and in case they need to complete their work at a later date.

Requirements - Suggestions

Presenting a table containing search terms or a concept map with keywords using conjunctions (AND, OR, EXCEPT), truncation symbols (wildcards) and limitations (time, location, type of document) demonstrates the mastering of this task.

Screenshots of queries used in different fields or interface zones of search tools can be included in the concept map.

Potential Tools

At this stage, to help with the creation of a concept map, students can use working aids as well as advanced search options for databases, library catalogues or search engines.

In Practice

It is necessary to ensure that students make several search queries from the concept map using different tools. This way, they will realize that using different combined keywords in search fields gives fruitful results.

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