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Task 1.2.2 – Adjust search strategies according to results obtained


Description of Task 1.2.2 – Adjust search strategies according to results obtained

This task aims to evaluate the results of the strategy used to improve it until obtaining precise and relevant results.

Supplemental Information

Students evaluate the relevance of the information found (degree of concordance with the search topic) and the number of obtained results. They modify their query in order to make it more narrow or broad.

Evaluating the relevance of the results is made easier by precisely formulating what is needed, the topic or the search question. See task 1.1.3. Outline the research topic.

Requirements - Suggestions

Students provide a screenshot of their query and results before and after the modification of the search strategy. Supporting the screeshot is a justification for the changes made to the search strategy.

Potential Tools

Working aid: design a concept map.

Students will use list sorting functionalities, which are available in search tools.

In Practice

The available functionalities that either narrow or broaden search strategies vary depending on the tool used. Each search tool offers its own sorting functionalities. It is therefore important to encourage students to explore the functionalities that are offered with each search interface.

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