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She has been an ESL teacher at Cégep Garneau since 1994, teaching over 15 different English courses and acting as a program representative and department coordinator. She is the author of Technically Speaking and holds a BA in English and French Literature from McMaster University as well as a Master of Collegial Teaching from the Performa program at the University of Sherbrooke. She enjoys experimenting with various technology tools to enhance learning and recently worked with colleagues to develop an interactive online ESL course on Moodle offered at Cégep Garneau. But while she believes that the many technological bells and whistles can make the ESL classroom more engaging, she also considers it is more important to connect with students to create a healthy classroom atmosphere and says that she's finally learned not to take herself too seriously.

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Published January 21, 2019

Using Concept Maps to Promote Deeper Learning of Grammar

Susan Drolet Teacher, Cégep Garneau

I've never liked flow charts and mind maps. They're supposed to simplify things (I think) but I find them confusing. So when I took a Performa course by Christian Barrette, an expert in concept maps, I was really stepping out of my comfort zone. But that's when I learned that while a concept map resembles a mind map, it's much different. During the course, I had to develop concept maps I could use with my students and I became so enamoured with their potential to help students learn, that they became the subject of my master's research paper. I've since used them regularly in class and the results have been quite positive.

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